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Perception of Sexual Violence in Adolescence
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    A study on perception about sexual violence in adolescence aimed at 1) study an aptitude of adolescence problem about loving and sexual needs, 2) aptitude of sexnal violence in sdolescence, 3) describing perception of adolescence on loving and sexual needs and level of sexual violence behavior in social, and 4) perception on loving and sexual needs and sexual violence in ones social difference factors, then describe the service needs for sexual problem . There were 2,014 subjects from students in secondary school in Meang district, Khon Kaen province by stratified two - stage cluster sampling. Subjects answered questionnaire which was collected after they and their parents informed consent during October 2004 - March 2005.Using Cronbachs alpha coefficient for reliability of questionnaire. The alpha was 0.81. Data was analyzed by descriptive statistic.
Study revealed that, there were loving and sexual experience 59.0% of them. There were 94.6% of this group have problem (95% CI during93.0 96.3). Sexual violence occurred 7.9% (169 cases) (95% CI during 4.2 -11.6). Character of violence was using eye sing as cording, watching sexual organ of women, verbal as sexual by their friends. Most of them happened in public place. Most of them perceived the problem of loving in adolescence as less time for family and longer phone calling. Adolescence solve this problem by listening to music and control his mind. They perceived sexual violence as severe level for 15 behaviors such as: rape, aborting, try to rape, castration, sex exploitation in young, cheating to have sex, etc.
Factors influenced to perception of violence level statistically significant were gender which women gave 19.8 higher level than men (95% CI during 15.5 24.2), adolescence who used drug addict, first child in family, adolescence from family which manage conflicting by discussing, adolescence from family which manage conflicting by keep quiet, and from fair family gave higher score. For adolescence who had loving problem, they solve it by relaxation technique such as music listening, exercise. For sexual violence they gave an opinion that adolescence should tell parents, tell police for help but in violence occurred cases, they solve by told perpetrator to stop, using verbal for survival, solve this problem with friend. For sex problem service most of them need knowledge about law and childs right, child and adolescence health service, and institute for take care of childs right.