ҹԨ : Environmental Management of Nakorn Khon Kaen School: An Example of Environmental Education Best Practice
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   Abstract: The urgent needs of Thailand are development, improvement, and prevention of damage, as well as conserving and taking good care of the environment. However, these require much support from the educational system because school is the best place to foster peoples awareness. Even though there are hundreds of schools in Thailand, it is very hard to find a school for with effective environmental education management that can be used as an example for other schools. Nevertheless, Nakorn Khon Kaen School is one of the best practice schools for environmental education management. It won the first-place award on the Best Practice School for Environmental Education Management competition at the provincial and education regional level from the Department of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education in 1996. It also won the third-place award at the national level in 1997.
This study was a single site case study used to study the processes and procedures for establishing the best environmental education practice at Nakorn Khon Kaen School. The study aimed to investigate Nakorn Khon Kaen School in relation to its status as the best practice school for environmental education management. Document analysis, unstructured interviews, observations, and students essays were employed in this study.
The results of this study reveal that Nakorn Khon Kaen School has a good physical environment that is the consequence of various environmental development activities carried out by the school personnel. The school can be used as a good example for other schools that are willing to develop the physical environmental education atmosphere of their schools. However, Nakorn Khon Kaen School still has more room for improvement: it is suggested here that the school administrator should provide more opportunity for environmental issues to be integrated in the schools curriculum and should increase collaborative work with people in the school and community.